Uninvited Guests

by Hollywood Trash

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(free) 03:35


released November 8, 2012

Hollywood Trash is:
Phillip Broste on Lead Vocals, Guitar, and Pedal Steel
Bob Quinn on Lead Guitar and Vocals
Tim Carras on Bass Guitar and Vocals
Matt DeNoto on Drums and Vocals

Produced by Hollywood Trash and recorded in Los Angeles, CA
Engineered, mixed, and mastered by Phillip Broste at Chaos Cowboy Music

The band would like to thank our respective ladies and families, and everyone who has supported us and come to our shows over the years.

Album art "Robot Attack" © 2008 Bob Quinn
Graphic Design by Phillip Broste



all rights reserved


Hollywood Trash Los Angeles, California

Does this guitar make my ass look big?

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Track Name: Knock One Back
It gets cold here
And the ice it dulls my mind
And the sky gives way to the grey life all the time

And my friends here
They don't recognize the signs
They just lose their nerve and they slowly give up trying

She smiles and says I'm going to miss the way we laughed
Things were better here by half on the nights when we went out
The trailer parks they arrange themselves at night
In to rows of blue and white and she lets me down
Straight up like I like...

It took three years
And I never saw return
But I paid my dues and took up some cash to burn

And the dry tears
Yeah they never cause concern
In the hard edged night my conscience takes a turn

She calls me up but it only makes me ache
And it feels like a mistake when I think of what we had
The orange air never gets that dark at night
And the desperate buzzing light it shoots through my head
Straight up like I like...

Each new year brings the storm clouds to my door
And I feel just like before only now the time has passed
These days my place is feeling smaller night by night
And I knock one back just like we used to do
Straight up like I like...
Track Name: Smog City
Well we'll never need robots 'cause people are cheaper
Supply and demand and the surplus gets deeper
The people on this highway are all slowly dying
There's no way to stop it but they're always trying

I watch them move in here and drink this valley dry
Burn up their broken dreams 'til they choke the sky

Nobody dares to do what's right
Smog City be my home tonight
Won't you be my home tonight

Uninvited guests make the world feel thicker
Breathing my air and drinking my liquor
I don't own my car or the room that I sleep in
And the clogged arteries of the world keep creeping

I keep it loaded just 'cause we're gonna go one day
Sometimes I think I might thin a couple out along the way

Someday there's gonna be a fight
Smog City be my home tonight
Won't you be my home tonight

When the final showdown hits and death is in the air
You best be ready 'cause no one's gonna care

Don't you know the earth might shake tonight
Cities burning in the firelight
Grab your weapon and hold on tight
Smog City won't you be my home tonight
Won't you be my home tonight
Track Name: Burning Down
I feel cold at heart
I feel hot at home
When you're not around
And I'm burning down

I've been training hard
I could kill a man
Without a sound
And I'm burning down

Well it soaks me to the skin
I can smell the smell of sin
I know the kind of shape I'm in shouldn't be allowed

I can scream and I can shout
But I know I can't get out
And I know what it's about
I know I am burning down

I am burning down

Well I'm outta here
Gonna hit the road
Gonna beat the crowd
And I'm burning down

In this broken year
I see tears and blood
Soaking in the ground
And I'm burning down

When I'm lying all alone
And I feel it coming on
It chills me to the bone when you're not around

Your wish is my desire
You just throw me to the fire
And the flames are getting higher
And now I am burning down

I am burning down
Track Name: Teflon Checked
It's the new truth
Come to save me
Save me now
It's the sad youth
Thought of maybe
Killed somehow

Sticking on me
You're stuck right on me
Can't come clean
It's the new truth
Lying only
Makes me lean

It's the way I'm stuck out here
It's the way I can't get clear
Give me rest

It's the way my mind gives out
Surfaces peeled down
Teflon, checked

It's the Ideal
Thoughts that we feel
Keep us awake
It's the for real
Dreams that we steal
For all our sake

It's the bad fight
Caught in hard light
The open sore
It's the ideal
Draws us under
The killing core

It's the way that I can't sleep
It's the way it cuts too deep
Pull it out

It's the way that I can't end
But I want so bad to mend
And I don't know how
Track Name: Cliché
With a Thomas Guide
And a sea of pride
Yeah I'm insecure
So I need it more
Be quiet Mom and Dad
Want more than what I had
Stay till I've had my fill
Shut up and foot the bill

So my eyes are tired
But my smile's wired
If you shake my hand
I'll tell you all my plans
Just have to keep it up
This land of 'almost but'
My art is afterbirth
I'm here for what it's worth

Thanks Mom
It's good to know
I'll see you at Christmas
Okay Mom
I've gotta go
I miss you too

Non-fiction resumes
Are just a passing phase
Got one foot in the door
But a meter's more
I'm only what I'll be
There's no contingency
If I can't make it there
Can't make it anywhere

I'm sure I'll get the part
If only my car would start
I don't recognize his face
But I'll kiss ass just in case
Don't think I like this hole
Maybe I've just lost control
Can't even feel my nose
But it's not the first thing to go

Thanks Dad
I miss you too
Tell everyone that I say hi
Okay Dad
I've gotta go

Someone's gonna make it
Might as well make it today
I never have to fake it
Cause I don't care either way
The breakdowns are expensive
But the compliments are free
Everything you do is just the best now say
What can you do for me?
Track Name: NTLD
Northern town in late December
A lot to do and I'm at it again
I had a dream that I can't remember
The bad trip started at 3 am

I've been crippled by a broken steamroller
I've been drinking since I walked through the door
Everyone in here's just a little bit older
She leans on my shoulder like she's looking for more

She says it's just a touch
I always dream too much getting wasted
And it feels all right getting wasted
And I'm home tonight time will chase me
I'll turn and fight make it endless
Getting wasted on a Saturday night

Saw her eyes before the other guys noticed
When I'm around I like to see them again
Never really thought I'd ever let her notice
Sometimes I think it's just a matter of when

She said she'll visit me
In my heart I know that she's just wasted
And it feels all right getting wasted
And I'm home tonight time will chase me
I'll turn and fight make it endless
Getting wasted on a Saturday night

Crippled moments man they've got no bottom
Except the feeling that there's more to do
I've had my doubts everybody's got 'em
There's nowhere that I'd rather be than here with you

She'll come around again
And look right through me when we're wasted
And it feels all right getting wasted
And I'm home tonight time will chase me
I'll turn and fight make it endless
Make it wasted on a Saturday night
Track Name: Convergence
They say we're heading for a singularity
Converging theories on the greatest of proofs
Building an artificial moment of clarity
Trying to simulate the ultimate truth

They say we're heading for a singularity
Something to make us all feel complete
A perfect brain with quantum synapse polarity
Something to make us all feel obsolete

God in a box for a dollar
I've got God in a box for a dollar
Tried but we couldn't make him smaller
Give us a year or two

They say we're heading for a singularity
That reaches far beyond what we know
In to the places you and I could never see
In to the places you and I could not go

They say we're heading for a singularity
It's everything that we've been working for
Somehow I can't quite keep it all from scaring me
The way we're always tempting fate for more

God in a box for a dollar
I've got God in a box for a dollar
Free stake knives to the first twenty callers
Yeah we're passing all the savings to you

God in a box for a dollar
I've got God in a box for a dollar
We tried but we couldn't make him smaller
But give us a year or two

I've got God in a box for a dollar
Track Name: Red Eyes
Deep in my heart and across the ocean
Deep in my heart yeah she waits for me
Holding on to all my foolish aspirations
Holding on to a picture of me
All my side projects they've got side projects
All my side projects they follow me home
Some nights I can't sleep for the dreaming
Some nights I feel I'm dreaming all alone

Somewhere out there the sun is always shining
Somewhere out there it gets hotter than hell
Give me the cool December nights of Minnesota
Give me the strength to climb right out of this well
My heart it can't wait for the winter
My heart it burns 'til my fingers get warm
I have it all but I'm nothing without her
I have it all but my future is torn

I want to feel the ocean mist in the spring time
I want to feel the misty silk of her hair
The liquid solid of all our days apart
Is driving me in to a state of despair
I want to find my American girl
Buy her a ticket to the movie down town
I swear I'll never leave her side for a second
Just as soon as this plane touches the ground

All these red eyes
Moving over Pacific air
Only call attention to
All the things that are missing there
No More Red Eyes
No More Red Eyes
Track Name: No Second Takes
Listen babe, we’ve got to move
We’ve only got so many days
The money says they want to see results
They can’t afford any more delays

So now focus on this scene
And set aside your sidelong glance
Skip the second act for now
’Cause in this town you get one chance

And there’s no second takes, baby
We’ve got to nail this one
If I get nervous, or laugh, or weep
The whole thing’s going to come undone

Send for the medic
(No, the other medic)
I can’t believe it's come to this
I can’t define what I need
They don’t take it seriously
But with you on board, we can’t miss

No second takes, honey
No more lighting tweaks
If we don’t roll some film right now
We could be here for weeks

The fire marshall is looking bored
I know they’ll shut us down for spite
I need to see you out of wardrobe
Before we lose our light

Honey, try to understand
I'm overworked and half shut down
I swear the camera will not jam
When your big finish comes around

No second takes, baby
No time to move that flag
We’re already two weeks behind
We gotta get this movie in the bag

And there’s no second takes
Track Name: Fight
How come you gotta spend my money make a scene and show me the door
I didn't mean to call you fat or nothing baby but your makeup makes you look like a whore
I been drinking since two and I ain't found what I'm looking for
Drink one, drink two, drink three now I'm lookin' I'm lookin' for more

Yeah she makes me mad
It's what I like
Yeah I'll get you back
Make it right

What time is it well I don't know where I am and you know I've got a brick in my head
I've gotta get back home, drivin' like my foot's made of lead
When I think about the things you make me think about know you got me seeing red
Right now I'm gonna lay it all out make you think about the things that you said

Yeah she makes me mad
It's what I like
Yeah I'll get you back
Make it right
Track Name: Feeble
I'm through messing around with you
I've had enough of your point of view
And some questions I've got a few
And then I'm gone

You say you're trampled, but where I stand
You've always been just a rich white man
Could you help me out here if you can
I'm a bit confused

I never went for that line
That they say about simpler times
May be better for me and mine and you
But that's a feeble excuse

You say our culture has gotten fat
But comfort living man that's where you're at
Could you tell me what's up with that
And how's your new boat

You're an independent mind
But you're always toeing that party line
Odd the problems the you define
Get handed from the top

You trample darwin in the name of creed
But hold him up in the name of greed
What ever kind of god would plant that seed for you
Is a feeble excuse

Can't you see the things that you hold dear
Don't mean a thing if you just let your fear
Make you a tool for those who very simply want to use you
As a feeble excuse
You're a feeble excuse
Track Name: Too Many Thoughts
I never wanted to stay she said and I guess he was more exciting
So we moved out to the East coast and I got a job helping where I could
I tried not to take up smoking but I did when we started fighting
So I moved back to the cities because I thought it would do some good

I never would stay alone it seems and we never would stay together
I'm not sure how it happened, still I swear that I loved them all
And every time I fell in love she said man I thought it would last forever
Sometimes I lie awake and wonder when did my dreams turn so small

And I started taking pills cause it helped me to forget
That I've got too many thoughts at the top of my head

Used to lie awake and watch the planes come in and pretend that I was flying with them
Back to time when the sky was clear, and all you could see were stars
I lost my job cause I was spread too thin I used to fight a lot harder back then
I even found God one time in the back seat of a stranger's car

But I must be getting tired cause I'm watching a lot more TV
I've got too many thoughts at the top of my head
Track Name: Long Time Comin'
I've been nothing but trouble since I got in here
I asked for her number and a bottle of beer
She said man I've heard that line before
And you know it don't work anymore
Never thought that I'd end up this way
All this time out here and nothing to say

Well I've made my fortunes now
Still I end up all alone again somehow
It's been a long time comin' but I guess I'm leaving town

Well my first wife she was probably the best
But I fucked that one up just like all the rest
Left her for a movie fan
Fake tits and a spray on tan
And it's funny how it all gets old
Searching for the next pot of gold

Guess I never settled down
That's the price you pay for getting off the ground
It's been a long time comin' but I guess I'm leaving town

When you sign the devil's contract it ain't like you think
There isn't a pen and there's no bottle of ink
You claw your way up nice and slow
Hurting the ones you love as you go
And your hell is what you get back
Empty parties and Hollywood trash

Well I'm packing up
And I'm heading out
Before all my bad deeds circle back around
And it's been a long time comin' but I guess I'm leaving town